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1/6/2016  Metal Flashing Under Door Threshold For Extra Protection - Home Building And Repairs

1/5/2016  Bottom of Siding Water Damage from Incorrect Installation of Foundation Metal

1/4/2016  Don't Forget To Insulate Behind Bathtubs Against Exterior Walls

12/29/2015  Side Driveway Extension Creates Site Drainage and Property Line Problems

12/21/2015  Think Twice Before Installing Exterior T-Bar Ceiling - Water Damage

12/15/2015  Potential Water Damage Problems Installing Brick, Stone and Other Materials Over Stucco

12/12/2015  Extended Foundation Base for Brick or Stone Might Require Flashing - Home Building and Remodeling

12/10/2015  Extended Building Façades with Open Spaces Could Create Large Amounts of Bird Poop

12/7/2015  Building Perimeter Problem with Moderate Sloping Cross Traffic Walkway

12/4/2015  Don't use Water and Debris Catching Wood Trim at Bottom of Lattice Fence

12/2/2015  Over Protruding Column Details Create Safety Problems - Architectural Design Tips

11/30/2015  How to Build Stronger Popout Shelves with Less Lumber - Home Building Tips

11/25/2015  Keep Small Tile Strips Away from Edge of Patio or Steps

11/23/2015  Unwanted Landscaping Trails - Problems and Solutions

11/18/2015  How to Make Attic Larger by Adding Exterior Wall - Major Remodeling Project

11/16/2015  Problems With Flaking After Applying Surface Coating Materials Over Concrete Walkways

11/10/2015  Siding Replacement Tips for Damage up to 3 Feet from Bottom - Home Repairs

11/9/2015  Wood Expansion Joints in Concrete Ramps Can Create Problems - A.D.A.

11/4/2015  How To Extend or Add Gable Roof Overhang - Remodeling Tips

11/4/2015  How to Extend or Add a Roof Overhang to Building - Remodeling Tips

11/3/2015  Gravel or Planter Can Keep Sprinklers Away from Sheds - Wood Damage Prevention

11/2/2015  Water From Roof Drain on Sidewalk Could Mean Air-Conditioning Problems

10/28/2015  Interior Structural Wood Framing Ceiling Support Ideas for Hanging Swings

10/26/2015  What Does the Writing Mean on the Floors Around Doors and Windows? - New Home Construction
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